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Image of CRYPTO DUAL USB DRIVEIntegral Memory,

-AES 256-bit hardware encryption: Validated to FIPS 140-2 - Dual Password - An administrator can set up an optional master password on a drive. A user then sets a user password as normal. A warning is given to the user after the fifth failed password attempt to take the drive to the administrator to unlock the drive by using the master password. The user and master password cannot be the same. -Crypto Dual has a zero footprint - No software installation is required before use -Endpoint security software...

Image of Encrypted Solid State Drive (SSD)Integral Memory,
Encrypted Solid State Drive (SSD)

Key Features: Encrypted SSD - a solid state encrypted hard drive – FIPS 197 validated Mandatory, military level security with AES 256-bit hardware encryption - better protection than a software-only solution. Multi-lingual interface - "SSDLock" GUI in 13 languages Ideal drop-in replacement for a standard hard drive in a desktop computer or laptop Security Features: Master and User Dual Passwords - As an option an Administrator can set-up a user password and a master...