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Cross Match Technologies, Inc. is a leading global provider of high-quality, interoperable biometric identity applications and solutions. The company produces a wide range of products, used to capture and process the unique physiological characteristics of individuals to establish and verify their identities. Fingerprint and palm scan devices, document readers and access control systems, proprietary enterprise and application software, and services, are among the company’s offerings.


Secure your entire organization with Cross Match's integrated biometrics solutions

  • Employee Background Checks: Our fingerprint live scan products enable companies to fingerprint employees and submit records electronically to FBI-approved channeling agencies for determining wants, warrants and previous arrest records. We also offer outsourced fingerprinting services at hundreds of locations in the US.
  • Biometric-Enabled ID Badges and Credentialing: Using Cross Match's Credentialing Solution or Tool Kit, employee ID badges can be created with an embedded biometric for enhanced security. Cross Match can help you a lot or a little, depending on your needs. We can help you with your entire credentialing program, from vetting employees, to verifying identities, biometric enabling badges and developing applications that use the badges. Or we can work with an integrator and simply provide proven tools and consultation services.
  • Document Authenticator 100: RFID enabled document authenticator complements our credentialing solutions with the ability to determine the authenticity of drivers licenses, birth certificates and passports.
  • Physical Access Control: High security areas and buildings can be protected with Cross Match's physical access control system. An actual print is compared against the same forensic quality fingerprint information on your ID badge or against a larger database for one to many matching.
  • Mobile Security: With Cross Match's mobile MV 100 wireless product, roving or random ID checks can be carried out by security guards, police, the military and others to match the fingerprint captured in the field against a fingerprint database.
  • ID Management: With Cross Match's VisTrak, corporations can manage who comes and goes from their facilities. By tracking a visitor with fingerprints, there is no room for human error and Security can be warned when the wrong person comes to visit. Cross Match's PrisTrak tracks prisoners and parolees to ensure the wrong person is never released and parolees are in compliance with the law.
  • Outsourced Fingerprinting: Use our secure web-based application to initiate and track all of your fingerprinting transactions from the convenience of your desktop. Have your fingerprinting done at hundreds of Cross Match locations or at thousands of law enforcement offices throughout the US. We work with leading background screening companies to integrate our fingerprinting with their existing screening and verification services to provide a one-stop-shop for all your pre-employment needs

Cross Match products are used to:

  • Conduct criminal bookings
  • Perform background checks for job applicants
  • Verify identities at borders and other checkpoints
  • Register citizens for driver’s license and national identification programs
  • Prevent identity fraud in large-scale government and civil identification programs
  • Control access to office buildings, government facilities and other secure areas.

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