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TG 3 Electronics


TG3 Electronics, Inc. is a leading supplier of custom and standard keyboards to a broad range of customers. TG3 was incorporated in 1986 by founder and President, Tom Giles, after a long and accomplished career at Cherry Electrical Products. TG3 was created to serve customers requiring keyboard design expertise and superior customer service.

Headquartered in a state of the art facility in Kenosha, Wisconsin, TG3 is known for its engineering capability and leading edge technology. We are experts in firmware, plastics and custom components. Our manufacturing facilities in Kenosha, WI and in China ensures that TG3 can provide world class prices.

TG3 serves the medical/healthcare, gaming, POS, banking/financial, industrial, mobile telecom, government industries. We have built a reputation on providing our customers with dependable products that represent outstanding values.

Whether your data input requirements are large or small, complex or simple, TG3 can handle your program from start to finish.

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